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2015 Recap

Returning all 4 riders from the previous year, when we finished a disappointing 7th place, we were hungry for our second shot at the Borg Werner trophy. We trained all year will our eyes set on the prize, and a previous year of training under our belt. Unlike the year before, people knew we were going to be one of the top returning teams and would have their eyes on us come race day. After a disappointing qualification run, where we finished 17th, it was going to be an uphill battle all day. However, we knew we could still win a race and we went out there as competitive as ever. Even with our poor starting position, and a crash after lap 150, we still had a shot at taking the checkered flag. We fought all day and finished 3rd, just the 3rd podium finish in our programs history. Again our bikes, preparation, and success would not be possible without our loyal fan base and we thank you for all of your support over the years.

The _kai_ Club ($500+)
Clif and Shelly Knight
Phil Goddard, ’67
Jay and Chris Fregeau
Charles Richardson, ’69
Andrew and Virginia Craig
Jeff Richardson, ’73
Chris Wolfla, ’87

The Pink and Blue Club ($250-$499)
Tim Gavin, ’85
Rob Stiehl, ’82
Bret Brase, ’83
Ian Zabor, ’97
Anthony Moorman, ’07
Douglas Krapf, ’95
Wil Grant, ’04
Leonard Reel III, ’69

The 1845 Club ($100-$249)
Brad Sammons, ’86
Anthony Zirille
Dan Heller, ’67
Dave Shroyer, ’67
Thomas Highland, ’63
Jonathan Nelson, ’82
Jack Nicewander, ’72
Roger Roa, ’02 (Zeta Mu)
Matt Schweinzger, ’10
Jim Hetland, ’80
Parker Moss, ’81
Keith Myers, ’84
Courtney Gorman, ’82
Timothy Walter, ’83
Chuck Chamness, ’85
Joseph Hyndman
Ryan Goode, ’08
Spencer Biddle, ’11
Andy Cron, ’86

The Wooglin Club ($50-$99)
Nick Bohler, ’91 (Delta Iota)
Jeff Castell, ’83
Alex Shortle, ’08
Jeffrey Johnson, ’90
Nick Stoffregen, ’12
Kevin Dobbyn, ’12
Ryan Friedman, ’10
James Roudebush, ’71

Friends of Beta Cycling ($0-$49)

2014 Recap

We started almost completely fresh in 2014 after graduating the entire winning 2013 team. Everyone pretty much had us written off as non-contenders, but we believed in the program, bought into the lifestyle, and did everything we could to prepare ourselves for race day. After Chris Craig became just the 2nd Beta rider to ever win ITTs and Miss ‘n Out, we knew we had a shot. On race day we fended off attacks and set everything up for the sprint exactly as we had planned. Unfortunately the Little 500 Gods had other plans, and a loose track led to one of the craziest finishes in the history of the race. While disappointed with 7th place, our improvement over the course of the year was a resounding success. This success, as always, would not have been even remotely feasible without the support of our loyal fans.

The _kai_ Club ($500+)
Andrew and Virginia Craig
The Sood Family

The Pink and Blue Club ($250-$499)
Tim Gavin, ’85
Clif and Shelly Knight
Wil Grant, ’04
Andy Cron, ’86
Jay and Chris Fregeau
Tim Walter, ’83

The 1845 Club ($100-$249)
Anthony Zirille
Rob Stiehl, ’82
Tracey Harbaugh
Bret Brase, ’83
Brad Sammons, ’86
Jonathan Nelson, ’82
Spencer Biddle, ’11
Michael Wakeland, ’83
Matt Schweinzger, ’10
Dan Heller, ’67
Greg Baumer, ’08
Ryan Goode, ’08
Chuck Chamness, ’85

The Wooglin Club ($50-$99)
Brian Rans, ’11
Jeff Castell, ’83
Dave Shroyer, ’67
Rob Jenkin, ’86

2013 Recap

Continuing the momentum from 2012, we again qualified in pole position for the race.  After becoming only the third team to ever break the 8:50 barrier in winning team pursuit, we finally put it all together and won the Little 500. It goes without saying that nothing would have been possible were it not for all of the people listed below, not only under this heading, but in the years prior as well. It takes years to build a Little 500 championship caliber program, and even though only 4 of us ride on race day, every person who’s ever contributed in any way certainly had their fingerprints all over our first place trophy.

The _kai_ Club ($500+)
Robert Laser
Phil Goddard ’67
Jeff Richardson ’73

The Pink and Blue Club ($250-$499)
Tim Gavin ’85
Nate Miller ’07
Wil Grant ’04
Tim Walter ’83
Douglas Krapf ’95
Jay and Chris Fregeau
Andy Cron ’86

The 1845 Club ($100-$249)
Chuck Chamness ’85
Mikael Armstrong, ’07
Charles O. McCormick III ’72
Dave Shroyer ’67
Doug Glenn ’85
Dan Heller ’67
Rob Stiehl ’82
Jonathan Nelson ’82
Brad Sammons ’86
Greg Baumer ’08
Michael Wakeland ’83
John Jameson ’79
Norman T. Funk ’67
Spencer Biddle ’11
Sean Kelley ’11
Matt Schweinzger ’10
Ryan Goode ’08

The Wooglin Club ($50-$99)
Brian Rans ’11
Nick Bohler (Delta Iota) ’91
Alex Shortle ’08
Jeff Castell ’83
John Norris ’64
Ryan Friedman ’10
Nick Keim ’11
Eric Slivka ’10
Matt Edwards ’12
Nick Stoffregen ’12
Kevin Dobbyn ’12

Friends of Beta Cycling ($0-$49)
Greg Bortz

2012 Recap

Building on the success of 2011, we qualified in pole position for the race.  Were it not for an untimely wreck on Lap 194, we would have brought home the first top 3 finish in a long while.  Once again, we could not have done it without the support of our donors.

The _kai_ Club ($500+)
Robert Laser
Brother Jeff Richardson, ’73
Brother Nate Miller ’07
Brother Tim Moriarty ’79
Brother Phil Goddard ’67
Brad Anderson

The Pink and Blue Club ($250-$499)
Brother Tim Gavin ’85
Brother Douglas Krapf ’95
Brother Anthony Moorman ’07
Jay and Chris Fregeau
Linda Kragie

The 1845 Club ($100-$249)
Brother Rob Stiehl ’82
Brother Chuck Chamness ’85
Brother Dave Shroyer ’67
Brother Nick Bohler (Delta Iota) ’91
Brother Mikael Armstrong, ’07
Brother Eric Hetland ’11
Brother Wil Grant ’04
Brother Greg Baumer ’08
Brother Dan Heller ’67
Brother Leonard Reel ’69
Brother Eric Pauga ’89

The Wooglin Club ($50-$99)
Brother Brian Rans ’11
Brother Andy Cron ’86
Brother Matt Cvengros ’11
Louise Trabka
Brother Thomas Highland ’63
Brother Jonathan Deck ’05
Brother John Jameson ’79
Brother James Roudebush ’71
Brother Michael Sweitzer ’73
Brother Keith Myers ’84
Brother Jeff Castell ’83
Brother Ryan Goode ’08

Friends of Beta Cycling ($0-$49)
Brother Roger Roa (Zeta Mu) ’02
Greg Bortz

2011 Recap

Thanks to the unprecedented support we received from alumni last year, we were a fully funded team that was able to train and race in the best possible circumstances. We can’t possibly express our gratitude enough for the help these fine gentlemen provided us!

The _kai_ Club: $500+

Brother John Lugar, ’85
Brother Jeff Richardson, ’73
Brother Chris Wolfla, ’87

The Pink and Blue Club: $250-$499

Brother Douglas Krapf, ’95
Brother Nathan Miller ’08
Brother Tim Walter, ’83
Brother Tim Gavin, ’85
Brother Charles McCormick, ’72

The 1845 Club: $100-$249

Brother Ben Cottingham, ’85
Brother Mike Katsis, ’86
Brother Andy Cron, ’86
Brother John Courtney Gorman, ’83
Brother Jeff Shaw, ’95
Brother Michael Wade, ’05
Brother Charles Chamness, ’85
Brother Erik Kiser, ’10

Friends of Beta Cycling: $0-$99

Brother Brad Sammons, ’86
Brother Parker Moss, ’81
Brother William Sammons, ’86
Brother Greg Baumer, ’08
Brother John Voris, ’69
Brother Ryan Friedman, ’10
Brother Joe deAlteris, ’10

2010 Recap

With the launch of our first foray into the blogosphere, we were able to lay a solid foundation for years to come thanks to the support of the gentlemen below. These donors took a leap of faith, knowing that even without a proven track record Beta Cycling would quickly emerge as a perennial power in the Little 500.

Brother Douglas Krapf ’95 – $400
Brother Doug Glenn ’85 – $200
Brother Charlie McCormick ’72 – $200
Brother Ian Zabor ’97 – $200
Brother George Bledsoe ’66 – $200
Brother Tim Walter ’83 – $100
Brother John Courtney Gorman ’83 – $100
Brother John Voris ’69 – $50
Brother Jonathan Deck ’05 – $30
Brother James Miller ’69 – $25