A Change of Pace
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A Change of Pace
Unseasonable weather in B-town leads to some great riding!

After a few weeks of monotonous indoor riding on the trainers I know I speak
for the team when I say I felt like a kid in the candy store getting a chance to get
back outside and ride in this rare 50 degree January weather here in Bloomington.
Yesterday (sunny and 55) the team and I hit it hard right out of the gates taking a
55-mile loop out to Lake Monroe and back. I have to say I don’t think there was
a moment I didn’t have a grin across my face. The hills, as always, proved to be
challenging. However, I have already begun to see the hard work paying off since my
training began, making it up each incline with much more energy than before.

Today, I joined veteran Eric Anderson for a shorter ride before dinner. We were
both feeling pretty good and pushed it on several parts of the ride for an overall
good workout. It’s always rewarding to ride with more experienced riders; I come
out having learned a few good pointers each time that I will be able to apply to the

As the Little 500 gets even closer, I am feeling very confident in both the team
and myself and am positive we are going to prove to be strong contenders. It has
already been a rewarding experience training with the team and seeing such a great

Also, we released our 2nd video from Daytona Beach this week.  Check it out below, and be sure to keep checking for more updates as we get closer to Little 500!

Beta Cycling 2012 Winter Training Trip – “Training Week” from Beta Cycling on Vimeo.

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