A Ride Through the Suburbs
26th Dec 2011Posted in: Blog 0
A Ride Through the Suburbs

After a relaxing start to winter break, I joined co-captains Eric Anderson and Tom
Laser for a team ride through the Chicago suburbs. I was thrilled to be in the saddle
on my new bike (Blue Competition RD1) and test out our new Castelli racing kits
(both performed beyond my highest expectations).

As an avid tennis player, I know that you only get better by playing better players—
the same holds true for cycling. I learned a lot from the two veterans today;
especially when we lapped around my high school’s track to simulate Team Pursuit.

On New Year’s Day, our team will be traveling to Daytona, FL for some fun in the
sun and serious work on the bike. Unfortunately, due to a family ski trip to Sun
Valley, ID I will not be able to train with the team. My goals in Idaho: develop a
high-altitude cardio and weight program during my time off the slopes and NOT
break any bones!

All in all, there is much to be done in the next 117 days both individually and as
a team. I’m confident that I can add my strong desire to compete and WIN to an
already talented team. Please lookout for more blog posts as Little 500 seasons
swings into full gear.

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William Kragie

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