About the Team

The Beta Theta Pi Cycling Team was created for the Little 500 at Indiana University. The team trains year round for the annual intramural event, which is broadcast nationally and has been featured on ESPN. Annual attendance is upwards of 20,000 spectators, making it the largest single-day cycling event in North America. Showcased in the 1979 film Breaking Away, Little 5 is a 200-lap race on an old-school cinder track, where 33 teams of four riders all ride the same aluminum singlespeed bikes.

Beta has a great history in the race with two wins and numerous Top 5 finishes. After contending the entire race and getting caught with 2 laps to go on a gutsy move off the front in the 2018 race, the 2019 team looks to build on past experiences and capture a victory in the 69th Little 500. We now have five riders doing everything we can to develop as cyclists and keep Beta performing at the top for years to come. As we train upwards of 20 hours a week for the race that defines our college careers, we look forward to growing awareness of our team and newfound support from Betas across the country. If you’d like to support our efforts, feel free to head on over to the “Sponsorship” page.

Current Roster

Colten Renier
Jonathan Jaggard
Kyle Howe
Sam Bradley

Blake Castetter

Coaches and Alumni

AJ Sood

Kyle Knight

Eric Anderson

Matt Green

Chris Craig

William Kragie

Tom Laser

Erik Kiser

John Grant

Jack McNamara