About Us

Trent Stiebler

Trent is the captain of the bike team this year. He is a Junior from St. Louis studying finance and accounting . He is also pursuing his masters through IU’s 3/2 program. His hobbies include basketball, fitness, and skiing. Trent joined bike team to revitalize the culture surrounding Beta cycling with the long term goal of winning a little 500 race.

Alex Murray

Alex is a junior from Darien, Connecticut studying Finance and Business Analytics. This is his first year on the bike team. His hobbies include playing/listening to music, snowboarding, and trivia. Outside of his fraternity, Alex is involved with IUDM, Kelley Student Government and Be The Match. Alex joined the bike team to rejuvenate Beta Bike’s historic program and set the tone for future generations of bikers to come.

Caleb Brown

Caleb Brown is a junior studying exercise science with a minor in psychology on the pre physical therapy track. His hobbies include working out, snowboarding, and watching movies. Caleb joined the Beta bike team to revitalize the bike culture at Beta and win little 500

Marco Borelli

This is Marco’s first year on the bike team. He is a sophomore from Chicago, IL majoring in business informatics. He is also the philanthropy chair at the Pi chapter of Beta Theta Pi. His hobbies include piano, working out, and hanging with friends. Marco joined the bike team to help bring the trophy back to 1100 N Jordan and to do something bigger than himself.

Sam Bedich

Sam Bedich is currently a freshman at IU studying entrepreneurship. Some of his hobbies are skiing, hockey, lacrosse, and playing with his dogs. Sam joined the bike team because he wanted to be in a competitive sport at IU.

David Cooke

I’m David Cooke a freshman that is studying business management. I am originally from Indianapolis, Indiana and some of my hobbies include golfing, wakeboarding, and various forms of working out. David joined the bike team to stay in great shape and to be involved in the fraternity, and wants to help bring Beta Cycling back to the top.

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