All systems go
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All systems go

With less than 5 days standing between us and the Little 500, our attention has now turned completely to the 50.98 mile challenge ahead of us.  Brother Doug Glenn is coming down on Tuesday to get our race bikes completely built, and I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to hop on a bike!  Thanks to all the generous support from our alumni, we have been able to maximize our speed, given the strict guidelines of the Little 500 rulebook.  We seriously can’t wait to start flying around the track on our race bikes.

Spring series wrapped up on Saturday with Team Pursuit, a 15-lap team trial.  One of our favorite events, we were able to end up in 5th place with a time of 9:21.  Laser and I were able to really push the pace and Green, still not fully over his illness, hung on like his life depended on it.  Needless to say the legs are certainly starting to come around, and even though we had higher hopes for our spring series performance, we know all that matters is race day.

On Sunday we did a workout that’s become a “Sunday before the race” tradition, and the wattage we threw down definitely confirms that we are peaking well.  Having Laser and Ramos around this year has certainly been a huge help in that regard, as those two have been tapering/peaking for big races for years.  We definitely messed that up last year, so hopefully we will be able to learn from that mistake and show up strong on Saturday.

With all the physical training behind us, we’ll spend the week resting up and working on our race-day strategy.  We’ve watched countless hours of race tape, and are going to continue finalizing our ideal scenarios and contingency plans over the next five days.  This year’s race is going to be FAST, and with a projected high of 48 degrees and a 60% chance of rain, the stage is set for yet another epic bike race.

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Eric Anderson

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  1. kiser says:

    Awesome notes. See you guys tomorrow.

  2. Ben Cottingham says:

    As if the Wooglin gods were busy with another chapter, the Beta Theta Pi cycling team withstood every obstacle thrown at them. The team has really been impressive on and off of the track. A solid group of young men surrounded by two terrific alums (Grant and Kiser). The cyclists and coaches were well prepared, however needed a fourth contingency plan. Who would’ve thought that possible four race scenarios would be implemented to keep Betas in the field. A part of their hearts and souls were left at Armstrong stadium on Saturday, and I can assure anyone reading this, that Beta Theta Pi will return in 2012 with more resolve. Thank-you to all of the men of Pi chapter for keeping our hopes alive!

    Ben Cottingham -1964-

    Doug Glen -2786-

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