Alumni Give Back
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Alumni Give Back

After hearing of my crash on Tuesday, brothers Ben Cottingham (#1964) and Doug Glenn (#2786) decided to take a day off work and come help us out with some bike maintenance. Ben and Doug have been a huge source of information and guidance for us this year, as they both rode for Beta back in the 80’s. They spent hours teaching us all about the Little 500 bikes and the proper ways to keep them running at their finest.

What separates the elite teams from the rest of the pack is their attention to detail. After spending the day with those two, I speak on behalf of the whole team in saying that we feel much more confident on the bikes now that we know they’re solidly constructed and properly serviced. Having the bikes be in such amazing condition and now possessing a working knowledge of how they need to be maintained should pay huge dividends for our team down the line.

As Ben and Doug have displayed week in and week out, there’s certainly more ways to help out the team than simply financially. So much of our success is linked to our growing alumni support base, and this is something we all are striving for this year. If you have any connections to bike shops, bike fitters, have a place in Bloomington we could use the night before the race…trust me, we’ll take any help you can give us!

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