Another Beautiful Fall Season in Bloomington
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Another Beautiful Fall Season in Bloomington

The leaves are beginning to change color in Bloomington, IN, and the boys are out riding bikes.

As we approach the halfway point of the first semester of the 2017-18 school year, the weather is great and spirits are high. If you have ever been in Bloomington in the fall, you know the light breeze and mix of reds, yellows, and oranges coupled with the winding hills and endless trees ultimately create a unique atmosphere perfect for cyclists. So far this year, the Beta Cycling team has fully embraced not only Bloomington’s beauty, but also the forever-reoccurring goal of bringing home the Little 500 trophy.

After saying goodbye to Joe Laughlin and John Hyndman in the spring when they graduated into Beta Cycling Alumni, we welcome one new member to Beta Bikes family. Michael Caputo, our newest rider, is a sophomore from Chicago, IL, and a member of the Fall ’16 pledge class. Please get to know Caputo by reading his new rider spotlight post to be posted within the next week.

Typically in the fall, the team focuses on “base” training. Base training is full of longer endurance targeted rides aimed at providing a solid base before the intense track training in the spring. This year is no exception from the typical regiment. In fact, with some friendly encouragement from our coach, Eric Anderson, the team decided to get out on an early ninety mile ride the first week of the school year. For this ride, we followed one of our favorite routes to Nashville, IN, and back to Bloomington.

The team joined by Alumni: Rob Stiehl and John Hyndman

Another memorable team ride so far this season was on September 16, when Beta Cycling Alumnus, Rob Stiehl rejoined the team for an intense and hilly forty-five mile ride south of Bloomington. The opportunity to listen and learn from the stories and wisdom of an alumnus was an incredible experience for the whole team. For me personally, I felt that the connection with an alumnus helped continue to motivate and remind me why I train and why I want to win.

The grind of fall “base” training will continue all the way until our annual training trip to Panama City Beach, FL, where we will pivot our focus from eating up miles to a more regimented high intensity interval portion of training. After my first training trip over winter break of 2016, I am looking forward to not only challenging myself on the road, but also the alone time, bonding with my brothers as a unit connected by a common goal.

Before we lead into the training trip, the team will also be competing on our L5 bikes in the IUSF Fall Cycling Series, October 20-22. The weekend will consist of three race events: on Friday, starting at 6PM, will be the Individual Time Trials. On Saturday, starting at 1PM, will be Street Sprints located on Kirkwood Ave. Finally, on Sunday, starting at 3:30PM, will be a team cyclocross race consisting of two-man teams alternating riding fifteen laps through obstacles including straw bales, stairs, sand, and more. The race will be located at the tailgate fields.

With Fall Series and the winter trip approaching, I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out and thank all of our supporters. Without you all, most of what we do as Beta Cycling wouldn’t even be possible. So thank you for your continued support, and on behalf of the entire team, we can’t wait to make you all proud and win ourselves a bike race this April.

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