Another Weekend of Racing
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Another Weekend of Racing

(Photo Credit to Allison Marie Hunter)

After a weekend of racing in St. Louis and 4 hard days lapping the Little 500 track, we took advantage of yesterday’s recovery workout to give us a leg up in Louisville. Heeding the advice of Brothers Phil Goddard ’67 and Ben Cottingham ’85 we spent Friday afternoon perfecting our exchanges (instead of continuing the hard interval training) in preparation for Qualifications next weekend.

Tom Laser, chef extraordinaire, prepared a feast of chicken breast, penne pasta, mixed greens, and legumes to fuel up before heading to bed early. In the Little 500 spirit, we graciously drove our friend and Acacia’s team captain Greg Bortz to Long Run Park. Eric Anderson, Matt Green, Tom Laser, Jacob Gorgol and myself competed in the Men’s category 3/4 field on a highly technical circuit with long sweeping descents and tight corners, especially for a peloton of 60+ riders. Our whole team agreed that the course offered little space to establish rhythm, which is why all attacks were countered. Green, Bortz, and fellow Little 5’er Michael Schroeder (Cutters) had a 15-20 second gap with 1 lap to go, which unfortunately was not held. Eventually it came down to a bunch sprint where Green and Anderson fought through traffic to grab 6th and 8th respectively. I tried to follow their lead and placed 17th with Laser not far behind at 26th.

Anderson leads the 3/4’s down a descent (Photo Credit: VeloVivid)

In my first race as a cat 4, I was pleased to have held my own against category 3’s. More impressive however, was Anderson heading right into the 1, 2, 3 race 10 minutes after his Cat 3/4 performance—after a grueling hour of racing he finished in the field.  Graham Dewart was also able to snag an impressive top 5 against a full armada of Texas Roadhouse guys.  This concludes an enjoyable, memorable, and most importantly productive spring break training camp. My confidence on the bike has grown dramatically since I started cycling seriously in November 2011 and I’m ready to put my strength gains to work on the track this Spring.

We now turn our attention to quals this Saturday.  We will take to the track at 8:50 AM gunning for that pole position.

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    Congratulations Team Beta! Good luck at quals. Tom

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