10th Apr 2010Posted in: Blog 0
Busy Week

Wow.. very glad that the week is over.  This past week we had some really good efforts at the track.  Everyone on our team is feeling very fast on the little 500 bikes.  Our race bikes are completely built!  We are waiting on the wheels to be finished but the bikes feel smooth and fast.  Thank you very much to those who have donated towards the cause. 

Two weeks until the race.  This weekend we have the Miss’N’Out spring series event and next weekend is Team Pursuit.  These series events are for points that rank your team based on the performance in the series events.  Currently we are in 8th of 33 and hope to move up the rankings after tomorrows event. 

I will post results after tomorrows event.  I hope everyone had a better week than I did.  I will be sure to keep the blog more up to date as we get closer to the race.  I will add pictures and hopefully video from some of the events. 


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