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That is what we have been titled around campus. We are on the radar for many other teams but labeled as one of the “darkhorses” by spectators this year. The team is ready to race. We have had a really successful year on the bikes and this is it. Saturday is the day. The house is behind us and we are going to give it everything we have got to bring home a win. Rain and wind are in the forecast but bring it on. We will thrive in the rain because it is what we have trained in all year. We haven’t let the rain stop us yet and we aren’t going to let it stop us now. We are used to the shitty conditions. If you can’t tell, I am really excited for this year’s little 500.

Here is a link to the Indiana Daily Student article.

I want to again say thanks to all the alumni who have donated and supported the team this year. We have accomplished a lot this year and it wouldn’t have happened without you.

Looking back at the year, we took a winter trip to South Carolina and logged over 400 miles in 5 days. We raced all through the spring for Indiana University bringing home a few wins and many top 10 finishes. Spring break was spent on our home roads and track in Bloomington working on speed and power. After spring break we qualified 5th for the race opposed to 33rd last year. In the spring series events for the Little 500 we placed 7th overall. I’d say we have had a pretty damn good year. I am really proud of the work that our guys have been willing to put in. I honestly cannot wait to come back and watch them race next year. Right now though, I am dialed in for Saturday. Feeling good about our chances and our opportunitites as a team. Wish us luck!

If you can’t come to the race but would like to watch it on TV, the HDNet schedule can be found here.

Below are a few pictures that have been posted on the web of the team.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Best of luck guys!
    Doug Glenn

  2. E. Kiser says:

    Thanks doug. I appreciate the support.

  3. Ralph Mason says:

    Congratulations on a fine effort in the race. You guys gave it your all, and I really thought you were going to win it. I am damn proud to be a Pi Chapter Beta.

    Ralph Mason

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