December Training Update
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December Training Update


First off let me introduce myself — I’m Chris Craig, a junior majoring in Information and Process Management at the Kelley School of Business. I’ve taken the reigns from the previous team to lead our cycling program. This is my third year riding, but before cycling I ran cross-country and track, leading both sports to the state finals as captain.

Coming off a program Little 500 win, our team is ecstatic and honored to be wearing the yellow jersey come race day. This year will be the first race for all four of us, a rather daunting thought when there are other teams with years of race experience. That being said, our lack of experience is in no way, shape, or form, causing us to wave the white flag. It actually motivates us. We understand each mile ridden is one closer to winning little 5. Every day from now until the race is another day to improve. Our team lives and breathes these philosophies – something we hope will pay dividends come springtime. We are all excited about our training program and know we have the tools to be there on race day.


South Shore

This excitement is why you find me on the road on a cold Wednesday morning when all my other friends are recovering from a night at Kilroy’s. There’ve been days where I’ve had to carry my bike over snow-covered roads, battle intense winds, and even fend off an overly enthusiastic dog or two. There’ve also been days where I was the only cyclist on the road, and while it’s possible the competition was out riding later, I like to think I was the only one who motivated myself to battle the elements. Though these cold weather rides are exhausting, both mentally and physically, I still can’t help but appreciate the uniqueness of this experience.

The four of us have all been logging some serious hours at home, but I’m looking forward to the warmer weather down in Panama City Beach. The winter training trip is one of my personal favorites. We logged almost 500 miles and grew much closer as a team last year. The amount of growth during the winter training trip is critical to success come springtime, and I cannot wait to share this experience with my new teammates. As with most things in this sport, our trip is pretty expensive. Any donations would be highly appreciated and really help reach our goals. Thank you for being an active supporter and reading our blog posts. Feel free to contact me any time at with any questions or just to chat!

124 days!

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