Fall Recap
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Fall Recap

This fall was full of some great team rides and plenty of memories. The whole team made great strides in terms of fitness and experience. Two of my favorite moments this fall were Fall Series and the Hilly Hundred.

Fall Series was a packed weekend. ITT’s were a success, with our top 4 riders all placing in the top 27. This was my favorite event because it was so cool to be out on the track under the lights in the fall. A lot of work went in to training up to this point and our results showed just that. Street Sprints the following day was a fun event for everyone. Kirkwood was lined with friends and family and students to watch the afternoon event. Our alums AJ Sood and Kyle Knight joined us for a ride in the morning before the event. Five years of Beta cyclists together enjoying beautiful Bloomington in the fall made for a great way to start the day. Unfortunately, none of our riders advanced to the round of 16, but the more relaxed nature of the event kept our team from being too disappointed. The weekend ended with Cyclocross on Sunday. I was unable to make the event, but Jack, Colten, Sam, and Michael were able to put on a show through the muddy conditions. Overall, Fall Series was a fun weekend for the entire Beta Cycling program.

The Hilly Hundred was a great ride for everyone who took part in it. This was the 50th running of the race, so there was even more excitement surrounding the event than normal. Jack, Colten, and I were able to represent the current team, and we were lucky to be joined by alumnus AJ Sood as well. We rode from the Sample Gates to the event and hopped right on to the course. We were joined by a few other Little 500 teams to form a great group to complete the 65~ mile ride. I had just purchased my new Cannondale, which made this ride even better. Riding new routes is always fun, especially when the weather is great.

Beta Cycling had an extremely successful fall, coupling intense training with relaxing fall rides. Everyone on the team was able to improve themselves mentally and physically, which set us up for a strong winter break trip. This momentum will carry us into a very effective spring.

Thank you to all of our generous supporters for your donations and your thoughts. We are working as hard as we can to make you proud on race day and earn a win. Stay warm!

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Jonathan Jaggard

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