Fall Series Recap
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Fall Series Recap

The Beta Cycling Team competed in the 2014 Fall Series on October 24-26. The competition consisted of three events: an Individual Time Trial (ITT), Street Sprints, and Cyclocross. The weekend revealed three truths about this team, all of which I believe are telling of our collective strengths: our fitness is strong, our racing competence is refined, and our preparation is structured.

The racing results affirmed the solid state of our fitness. Despite racing at the earliest time slot of Friday evening (when wind plays a more detrimental role), Chris Craig finished 7th, I finished 14th, AJ Sood finished 35th, and John Hyndman finished 41st in the Individual Time Trials. Kyle Knight, who opened faster than Chris and I, dropped his chain in the second lap and was unable to finish his run. At Street Sprints—a 200 meter sprint down Kirkwood—Chris placed 12th in the qualifying run and finished in 4th place. At Cyclocross, Chris and Kyle finished 6th, and John and I finished 14th. Overall on the weekend, the team placed 5th.

Post-Cyclocross Ride

Post-Cyclocross Ride

I noticed the improvements in our racing competence in various elements of the weekend. At ITT’s, both Chris and I ran negative splits throughout our entire runs; while this didn’t provide us our optimal times, it proved our ability to rationally control our racing excitement to conserve energy. Street Sprints prove very little about racing competence, but as every Beta rider was sweating at the start line after a proper warm-up (whereas last year, I almost missed my heat and sprinted to Kirkwood from my dorm room in a kit), I noticed that every rider now understood how to prep for a race. Lastly, all riders navigated the packs and difficult obstacles well at Cyclocross, providing testament to our cornering and racing abilities.

This weekend ultimately proved to me that this team has a long-term mindset, with the structured training program to ensure we reach our goals. We treated this weekend as a fun way to compete amongst the Little 500 community, but nothing more; our eyes are set on April 25th.

After racing consistently over the summer and concluding Fall Series, we won’t race again until IU Cycling Club races begin in the spring. We look forward to sharing our successful results with you when the time comes.

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