Fall Thoughts, So Far
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Fall Thoughts, So Far

First off I’d like to introduce myself.  My name is Kyle Knight and I’m from Fishers, IN (a suburb of Indianapolis).  During high school I ran cross country and track, and was fortunate enough to be captain of both teams as a senior.  Now a sophomore here at IU, I’m majoring in Chinese and am also a part of the Air Force ROTC, hoping to get into the FBI someday.


High School Glory Days

When I first joined Beta last fall, I had no intention of riding.  Growing up as a runner, I had no desire to be a cyclist, but I also had never seen the Little 500.  Being an Indiana native and having two siblings go to IU, I had heard of it but always just thought of it as a normal bike race (which kids watched as an excuse to party).  But, when I walked into Bill Armstrong Stadium last spring, that all changed.  When I saw 10,000 people watching 33 teams of IU students, I knew it was more than a bike race. To me the Little 500 is not just the world’s greatest college weekend – it’s about years of tradition, dedication, and teamwork culminating in 200 laps on a cinder track.  Long story short, I left the track after that victory lap on April 20th knowing that I wanted to be one of the four guys defending Beta’s title in 2014.

Growing up I’ve always been known to be a leader in everything I’ve been a part of.  Whenever I’ve had an opportunity to have a leadership role, I’ve embraced it with open arms.  While not the captain, I believe that I have a unique leadership role on the team.  Building on my cross country background, I trained and raced at Major Taylor Velodrome this summer and have really tried to get the other guys in the gym.  We’re all figuring out what kind of Little 5’ers we’re going to be, but at this point I think I will be one of the “workhorses” on the team, doing 60-80 laps on race day.


Keeping the Selfie Tradition Alive

The past couple of weeks we have really started to come together as a team. At the beginning of the school year there were only 3 of us taking cycling seriously, but pledge Joe Laughlin has been a huge addition to the team. Every passing week we have become closer and closer together, capped off by an awesome Hilly Hundred weekend. We set out Saturday morning for the Hilly Hundred at 9:30 AM, greeted by 40 degree temperatures and rain while the rest of the house was still recovering from Friday night or home for fall break. We set off and arrived at the course at around 10:30 and began what ended up being a very long day on the bike. About 20 miles into the ride, in a total rookie move, I bonked and I bonked hard.  I got some food in me, but the next 50+ miles were quite the struggle.  Strangely enough, however, I enjoyed it.  I enjoyed every minute of it because I was suffering alongside my brothers and my teammates.  I knew that if it wasn’t for them I’d be out there hating my life and probably wouldn’t have made it back home.  With their help, though, I pushed through and got to enjoy what ended up being an awesome ride once it warmed up.  Combined with Sunday’s portion of the event, we all hit personal bests for weekly mileage, just in time to start some serious training.

We’re all looking forward to the Fall Cycling Series this weekend, but spring can’t come soon enough for me.  I’ve already started thinking about Quals, Spring Series, and the race itself.  The team has got a long way to go to reach our goals, but I know that we are a dedicated group of guys committed to the team.  We refuse to let people bring us down, and are determined to put ourselves in a position to compete on April 26th.

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