Fall Training Update
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Fall Training Update

It’s great to be back at it again. This past fall has been very productive for the Beta Cycling Team. Coming off an amazing summer, with Eric Anderson winning Mass Avenue and several other races, and Matt Green and myself with some good performances on the road as well, it is safe to say we entered the fall in the best shape we have ever been in as a team. Since then we have kept the intensity high and are very confident going into the winter. Over the course of the fall we have spent long hours on the road and indoors on the trainers and rollers. Whether it’s getting up at the crack of dawn to squeeze in a ride before a tailgate, or hopping on rollers as late as 10 or 11pm to take a study break, make no mistake that we are doing everything in our power to best prepare ourselves to win in April.

We have also had a good amount of alumni stay in contact with us to provide support, as well as come down on weekends to ride with us. Eric Kiser (’10), John Grant (’03), and Mike Reuben (’03) all came down to ride the Hilly Hundred and have made themselves very available to help in the future. In addition, thanks to our new strength coaches Derek Thiems and Drew Ison, two star football players in high school, we have developed an intense and consistent lifting program that will pay big dividends on the track this spring. Our biggest development, however, has been the acquisition of some talented younger riders. Sophomore Jacob Gorgol and Junior William Kragie have both shown very promising signs of becoming great cyclists. With dedication this winter and some solid workouts on the track this coming spring, there is no doubt in my mind that we could have 4-5 top 20 riders on race day.

Looking ahead, we are all very excited for our annual winter break training trip to Daytona, Florida. Myself, Eric Anderson, Matt Green, Graham Dewart, and Jacob Gorgol are all ready to get out in the sun again and throw down some big workouts. We leave New Year’s Day and should get down there early on the 2nd (my birthday), and come back on the 8th, giving us about a week down there. Once again, we plan to log a lot of miles and hopefully keep the bikes right-side-up (I crashed us last year). Although the house provides us with some funding, any donations would be greatly appreciated as food for 5 cyclists riding 50-70 miles a day can be quite costly. Thank you so much to all of those who have helped us along the way, we really could not do this without you guys. We won’t let you down!

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