Fast Times at the Track
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Fast Times at the Track
After a long winter training indoors and out on the cold roads, it feels great to be back on the track.  After two solid weeks of track training, we are all still in great shape and ready for a very successful spring.  Last week we did some time trials and got a good idea of where we are at as far as fitness goes, which helped us to establish some goals for later in the season. Lately we have been just focusing on perfecting our exchanges and getting more and more comfortable riding in the pack.  Our veterans from last year Eric Anderson and Matt Green have been giving myself and fellow rookie Andrew Ramos a lot of pointers on how to draft properly, complete fast exchanges, and maintain good position within the pack.  With 19 days until Quals and 40 until Little 5, we as a team and the entire house are getting very excited, knowing we have a very good shot at coming away with first place.
Now that we are so close to race day, we have stepped up our intensity even further.  Workouts have been getting shorter and faster, getting our legs ready for a very fast-paced race and spring series.  We are all now closely monitoring our nutrition (no more late night Q’Doba burritos or Pizza X) and trying to get as much rest as possible between workouts.  With the talent that we have and the work we have completed so far, I am confident that if we continue to work as hard as we have been all season, we will stand a very good chance at crossing the line first and winning Beta another Little 500 Championship.


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