16th Mar 2010Posted in: Blog 0
Fine Tuning

Spring break has been productive so far. We have gotten a ton of intensity in. During our free time we have been making lots of food, watching movies and just hanging out. It is pretty nice not having the pressure of school for a week.

At the track we have been fine tuning our exchanges, working on team pursuit and practicing individual time trial runs. The track has been relatively empty but there are a lot of teams down here for break. At one point yesterday, I counted eight different teams doing team pursuit runs… everyone doing their own thing could get a little dicey. There were a few wrecks yesterday and I think by now everyone on our team has managed to fall while throwing an exchange.

Our bike parts for the Little 5 bikes are ordered and currently being installed on the new bikes. This will be the first year in a LONG time that we have had the opportunity to build up these bikes. Thank you alumni, parents and friends. We really appreciate the opportunity to build these bikes up and have alumni that are willing to donate.


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