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About the race

World's Greatest College Weekend

Inspired from the Indianapolis 500, Indiana University has created the largest collegiate bike race in the United States. This vigorous 200 lap race brings out the best of each 4-person team as they compete to win the biggest sporting event of the year for Indiana University. 

Spring Events

Quals - Cancelled

ITTs - April 7, 2021

Team Pursuit - April 9, 2021

Miss N Out - April 18, 2021

Race Day - May 23, 2021


Bill Armstrong Stadium

1606 N Fee Ln, Bloomington, IN 47408

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April 7th-9th

The team had Individual Time Trials on April 7th and finished in 20th overall. 2 days after, on April 9th, the boys placed 23rd in Team Pursuit and secured their qualification spot. They will be starting in Pit #13 wearing blue and red jerseys.

February 14th-20th

Beta Bikes start training after a fun/learning experience in Austin.

February 1st-7th

Beta Bikes travel to Austin, TX to visit coach Eric Anderson to learn about the fundamentals of becoming a stellar rider.

January 25th-31st

Beta Bikes is reborn. Junior Trent Steibler rallies up a bunch of Rookie rides, as Beta Theta Pi seeks a chance at their 3rd Little 500 victory.

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