Hyndman’s Training Update
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Hyndman’s Training Update

Balancing cycling and training among the daily activities we have can be quite challenging at times. When you add in academics, campus involvement, and having a social life each second of the day is important. Your life becomes quickly structured and every waking moment has a purpose.

Mid-90 Dairy Queen

Mid-90 Dairy Queen

We began our structured training soon after Fall Series. It started out with hourly targets and weight room workouts. We started with lighter workouts and quickly picked up our hourly targets. We were spending significant time both in the weight room and on the bike. My teammates had spent a full year following our training program and were much more adapt to managing this kind of time commitment.  It was new to me and required a significant amount of adjusting. It wasn’t just adjusting my allocation of time but my allocation of energy. The energy needed to stay committed to our training is large but I have found it to be incredibly rewarding.

I hadn’t trained for an endurance sport growing up, unlike many of my teammates and competitors. I had spent the majority of my summers training for soccer and numerous winters trapped in the weight room bulking for baseball; however, cycling was something I hadn’t attempted before. Initially, my focus was keeping up with my teammates on the bike and pushing myself in the weight room. After several weeks of training, it was increasingly important to not just be hanging on but to begin pushing myself more than I had before. This came for me when I began to do more personalized workouts. I spent several weeks focusing on my own workouts and not as much on what my teammates were doing. This was one of the best decisions I have made as I was missing a crucial aspect of training: recovery.

Riding on Christmas Day

Riding on Christmas Day

Recovery is one of the most important aspects of training. Without it, we could not push ourselves in the intense workouts designed to expand our capacities. It allows our muscles to rebuild and our energy reserves to refill. I was missing this aspect in my training as each ride I was consistently being pushed by my teammates. Each member of the team had spent a much more significant time training and built a larger Cardiovascular Base. It was beginning to have a big effect. I was incredibly sore at all times and was struggling to keep up at times. After being consulted by teammate, Joe Laughlin, he expressed the importance of recovery and gave me tips on small things to do to improve my recovery.

I ultimately have to thank my teammates, coach, the #betabikes family, and my own family for my incredible growth on the bike. I have been pushing myself athletically more than I have at any other point. I’m incredibly inspired by people around me and can say this team is filled with my best friends. Spending time on the bike has quickly become the highlight to my day and I’m excited to see how much this team can accomplish.

I look forward to the winter training in Panama City Beach. I have begun to see major improvements on the bike and am eager to see how well I perform over this trip.

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John Hyndman

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  1. TammyHyndman says:

    I’m proud of you John. You’re simply the best son a mom could ever dream of.
    Keep up the hard work. We are rooting for you and your team.

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