Indoor Training/Power Testing
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Indoor Training/Power Testing

With the weather in Bloomington still less than ideal, we’ve been spending a lot of time on the rollers/trainers making sure our legs are ready to go when the track opens in a week.  Riding inside is quite possibly one of the most boring forms of exercise ever created, but being able to watch old race tape and hang out as a team makes the time go a little bit faster.

One area our team has invested much more time in this year has been testing.  For the last 4 months we’ve been doing monthly power testing to assess our fitness gains and make modifications to our training plans.  In doing so, a few of our riders have been able to already boost their functional threshold power (the maximum wattage you can sustain for an hour), by upwards of 30%.  Two of our riders have also broken into the 4+ Watts/Kg range, showing that months of training are starting to pay their dividends.

Our 3 rookies are excited for Rookie Week, which starts Monday!  We can not wait to get out there on the track and start lighting our legs on fire…

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