It’s Go Time.
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It’s Go Time.

The Spring Series events are in the books, the race bikes are built, the taper’s well underway…and now we just have to lay it all out there on Saturday. Needless to say, it’s go time.

Rounding Turn 2 during our Team Pursuit

Since our last update we’ve been spending an absurd amount of time together going over race tape, discussing strategy, and just hanging out as a team while the rest of campus celebrates the World’s Greatest College Week(end). Team Pursuit was last Saturday, and despite passing our friendly rivals Sigma Chi, we had to settle for 3rd place as we missed the final round by just 1.4 seconds. We could spend hours analyzing all the little things that went wrong, but at the end of the day what’s done is done and we showed our depth quite well. Our result solidified our 4th place finish in the 2012 Spring Series standings, our best finish in a long time, but definitely left us eager for race day. It’s amazing how much our expectations have shifted in my 3 years on the team!

Will Kragie: Poster Child

As the pole team, we had the honor of riding the pace lap for the Little 50 on Sunday. For those of you not familiar with this recent tradition, the Little 50 is a 50-lap running race around Billy Hayes Track, modeled after the Little 500. 4-member teams essentially do 400m repeats, and after doing it freshman year, I can personally attest to the toll it takes on your body. Unfortunately Beta’s team, which qualified 3rd, had to drop out due to some last-minute injuries, but nevertheless it was a great experience. It’s easy sometimes to get caught up in the cycling world, but seeing the passion and dedication invested by the runners motivated all of us for race day.

We’ll spend one last day at the track today “staying sharp” without inducing a lot of fatigue on our legs. No two coaster brakes are alike, so dialing in our exchanges on the race bikes is also a top priority. Thanks to the overwhelming and unprecedented level of support we’ve received this year from alumni, family, and friends, we were able to check just about every item off of our wishlist. For the third year in a row, I’m confidently able to say that on race day we will be riding the nicest Little 500 bikes we’ve ever ridden.


The entire drivetrain is silky smooth, the wheels roll forever, and the tires grip the cinders like no other. Pictures really don’t do them justice, so get ready to see them in action on Saturday. Special thanks go out to Tom Schwoegler for being an invaluable resource to us in selecting parts and building them up.

We’d also like to thank the Chamness family for graciously agreeing to host us Friday night.  Needless to say campus is an absolute zoo the night before the race, so having some solitude to retreat to and an actual kitchen to cook in will be invaluable.  Mama Chamness, we owe you big time!

BVN has us at 5-to-1 odds for Saturday, so if anyone is interested in making a friendly wager with us, let me know. “2012 has been the year of Beta! Four good riders gave an excellent TP. Some doubts about their ability to ride in a straight line and won’t win a sprint so will need to break it up to win. The question is whether they want to win or will be happy with top 3?” Needless to say we won’t be content with a top 3. We’ve had an incredible year thus far and will be doing everything we can for the next 4 days to prepare for what will undoubtedly be a race for the ages come Saturday.

See you on the cinders!

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