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ITT Results

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We had a good showing at ITT’s. The track was a mess and the wind was high but everyone put out some good times. Eric Anderson was our fastest rider yesterday and placed 9th overall. Congrats to him. He has been performing really well recently and is going to just keep getting better leading up to the race.   There was a field of 159 dudes in the ITT this year.

Anderson – 9th Sophomore
Green      – 29th Freshman
Ong         – 43rd Sophomore
Ruckel     – 64th Sophomore
Kiser        – 71st Senior

I didn’t have a great run to say the least but my performance has put some fire under my ass to get my road riding to translate to the track. I am really proud of our rookies though. The awesome thing is that our team is super young. It is going to be great to watch these guys dominate the track.

This weekend we are all racing in Indianapolis at Marion University. The race is on Saturday and the race flyer can be found here.

Again, we are trying to collect some money for our race day kit’s. If you can, please help us out and donate some money. We need about $300.00 more in donations. Thanks Doug. We greatly appreciate your support this year man… you have been very generous.


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  1. Michael Minich says:

    I see that the race was suspended at Lap 104 due to thunder and lightning and Beta was in the lead pack in position "5"! Praying for continued strength, safety and stamina. As you finish the race, I pray that the rider(s) will seize the opportunity to capture the ever elusive victory that I know Eric and all of you have worked so hard for. Blessings and I hope to meet you in the year ahead. Mike Minich, Beta Coach and Rider 1982-84. -1922-

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