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ITT’s & News

This year is flying by. I don’t want to leave this place. ITT’s are tomorrow. This 4 lap effort will allow us to see how we compare to the field. Training is going well and although ITT’s and the other spring events are fun, our mind is on the race which is April 24th. We are within a month of the race and in the next few weeks will be putting in the final training efforts.

Monday we were riding through a small town south of campus and a BETA alumni gave us a good WOOGLIN chant (wooglin is one of those cool secret frat things for the non beta readers). It was pretty cool to hear that from a random guy who was stopped at a convenience store. Everything is going really well right now and we are beginning to talk strategy.

We are going to be wearing the blue jersey (pictured to the left) in this year’s race. It was great to have a choice!!! Last year we were just stuck with colors that no one else wanted. We want to look good for this year’s race. We need about $400 more in donations to get our race day uniforms setup. The alumni support has been great thus far and we thank you for that! Donating is as easy as clicking the button to the right ——>

ITT Times:

David Ong      – 4:50pm
Erik Kiser       – 7:30pm
Shane Ruckel  – 7:40pm
Matt Green     – 7:55pm
Eric Anderson – 9:15pm


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