Less than 50 days…
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Less than 50 days…

With only 46 days until the 62nd running of the Little 500 on April 21 (and only 18 til Quals!), cycling is slowly consuming all of our lives.  While everyone else is gearing up for exotic spring break trips to Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, the Beta Cycling team is looking forward to our annual trip to 7th and Fess.  Some teams choose to venture farther south, but having the  track open 8 hours a day and the ability to have our entire team on the track make B-town Spring Break just too good to pass up.  We can’t wait to throw down a solid week of training!

Towards the end of last week we were able to get in a practice team pursuit and do some time trialing, and based on our results I’m more optimistic than ever about our team’s chances this year.  Of the 3 Beta teams I’ve had the privilege of training with, this group of guys is far and away the most solid.  Having two experienced veterans with me to help our 3 rookies has been phenomenal, and we’re really starting to fire on all cylinders.  Team chemistry is at an all-time high and I can’t wait to see how the next few weeks shake up.

We’re starting the process of planning out our part selection for race bikes and trying to pay off my bike team-induced credit card debt, so if you would like to make a contribution to Beta Cycling, please head on over to the Donation page.  When we’re up against the Sigma Chis and Fijis of the world with $20k+ budgets, every cent counts!  The difference between eating Ramen and having burgers or stock wheels and custom-built ones may not seem like much, but trust me, the little things pay off.

Two criteriums in St. Louis are on tap for the weekend, which should help us kick our spring break training block off to a fast start.  It will be the first race on road bikes for Kragie and Gorgol, so we’re excited to see how they adjust to the high speeds and tight turns of crit racing.  Laser’s USAC category still doesn’t reflect his abilities so he’ll be sandbagging the 4’s while Green and I tag team the 3’s.  Capping off both days will be Graham Dewart flying solo in the Pro/1/2 races.  Stay tuned for results!

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Eric Anderson


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  1. Jake Henkle says:

    Best of luck brothers! I graduated in 2009 and only took up cycling about a year ago at the age of 25. I wish that I would have been introduced into the sport much sooner. I admit that I am a little envious, but mostly proud that my fellow brothers are racing together, fighting for Wooglin’s honor in such a unique team sport.

    I’m sure that you will represent our great and good fraternity well. Exercise your Beta Spirit and may the light of our three stars brightly shine upon you…and your bikes.

    Yours in ___kai___

    Jake Henkle
    Denison University ’09
    Alpha Eta #1639

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