Lindsey Wilson Recap
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Lindsey Wilson Recap

The Lindsey Wilson Collegiate Race was a great success. AJ, Joe, and I traveled to Columbia, Kentucky with the Indiana University Cycling Club.  Kyle was unfortunately unable to make it.  Despite lacking the whole team, the weekend still fostered a valuable learning experience. It was our first time racing together.  During the races – we learned proper race communication and the importance of staying consistent.  We also got to know some of the other teams around Bloomington, which we always enjoy.  Lastly, we were accompanied by some much needed warm weather – the upper sixties!

Results were as follows:
Joe: 5th in Road Race
Chris: 7th in Road Race/ 4th in Criterium
AJ: 23rd in Road Race / 26th in Criterium

The racing was fast

The racing was fast

The road race was very exciting. In the first six miles of the race an awful crash occurred which unfortunately AJ caught the end of.  At the point a break formed of four riders than a group of six close behind.  Joe and I were in the group of six.  Throughout the very hilly course Joe and I worked together to ensure we would be strong in the final sprint.  The group we were in was unable to catch the breakaway of four so it was a battle for 5th.  We kept it consistent within our group until the final mile.  We then picked it up in prepared for to daunting 15%+ gradient hill, that ends the race.  Both Joe and I were to the limit going up it; but were able to stay towards the front of the group.  Once we reached the top it’s a 400-meter sprint to the finish.  My legs were on fire; I had 10 meters on Joe.  Both Joe, another rider, and I were sprinting all out.  Joe found another gear and grabs my wheel.  Then after a split second Joe swung right around both the other rider and me.  Joe and I are wheel for wheel.  I’m trying to hold on, sprinting as hard as I can, but Joe manages to beat me by margins.  It was great to see the competitive edge between the two of us.  Trust me I’m going for redemption in our next race!

The Criterium was just AJ and I because Joe had a test Sunday afternoon.  The Criterium was a very small course with a small hill near the backside.  The race format is similar to what is expected on the track.  It requires quickness and great maneuvering.  The race was competitive and very close.  After 30 minutes of all out cycling, the field was pretty tight.  I was able to sprint around other riders and achieve forth place.  AJ was in the mix for the majority of the race and placed 26th.

Overall, I had so much fun this weekend.  I especially enjoyed spending time with my fellow teammates.  Looking forward to our next race!  #49days

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