Long Run Circuit Race
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Long Run Circuit Race

Yesterday Eric Anderson and I drove down to Louisville to get in our first official race of the season, the Long Run Circuit Race.  This was a great opportunity to measure ourselves against our competition, as many other Little 500 riders were racing there as well, and a great opportunity to work on our racing skills.  I rode the Category 5 race at 9am, a 30 minute circuit race against a field of roughly 60 other riders.  This being my first race, I was unsure how to approach it and how to strategize.  It went out slow so I decided to break away from the pack with about 2 miles to go.  Unfortunately I went a little too early and was caught by the field shortly before the finish.

Eric had a little more luck in the 4/5 race.  Racing against a field made up of a lot of Little 500 riders, we were both looking forward to seeing where our competition was at.  The race went out very fast, stringing out the field and dropping many riders, and ended up coming down to a sprint.  Eric was a little boxed in, but still managed to sprint his way to an 11th place finish.  Unfortunately, neither of us was able to compete in the 3/4 race because it was full when I tried to register, and Eric got a little mixed up on his warm-up and wasn’t able to get onto the front of the pack when he got back to the race.

Overall this was a good experience for both of us.  We both got a little bit of race experience and a great workout.  Also, we were able to stay with John Grant, a former Beta who won the Little 500 in 2003 as a member of the independent team Gafombi.  He now races professionally for Team Texas Roadhouse, and we are extremely fortunate to have him as our coach.  He talked to us about Little 5 and riding in general, lending us his racing wisdom and giving us some helpful advice.  Now we’re back in Bloomington, training twice a day (one road ride and one track workout), and getting in some quality team bonding.  Looking forward to the next few weeks, we are excited to start tapering and seeing just how fast we really are.  Thanks to all our followers and supporters, stay tuned for more posts and updates from spring break!

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