Looking Ahead: Fall Semester
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Looking Ahead: Fall Semester

After a long summer away, there is no better feeling than to be back in Bloomington.  For some of us this means an end to 50 hour work weeks, for others a return to the countless beautiful women on campus; but for myself and the rest of the Beta Theta Pi Little 500 Cycling Team, it is a chance to show off the results of our hard work spent on the bike this past summer, and an opportunity to further prove that we are a force to be reckoned with for the 2013 Little 500.

After two years skating by with four or five consistent riders, I am proud to say that we now have a roster of eight committed riders who will battle it out these next few months for the privilege of wearing the Beta Theta Pi jersey on race day.  With the return of all four race day riders from last year, consisting of myself (Spring ’10), William Kragie (Spring ’10), Matthew Green (Spring ’10), and Eric Anderson (Fall ’09), we have a solid group of veterans with both the talent and experience necessary to crafting a successful team for now and years to come.  In addition to us four, we are proud to welcome back Chris Craig (soon to be initiated), a Sophomore with a running background who showed tremendous potential on the Little 500 track last spring, as well as newcomers Michael Gerold (Fall ’11) and Vince Indiano (Fall ’11).  Michael returned to Bloomington this fall almost unrecognizable, having lost a total of 45 pounds since last spring!!  He has been getting out on the bike with us veterans and showing a surprising level of comfort in the pace line, and will certainly be in the running for a top four spot in the spring.  Vince too has returned to Bloomington in tremendous form.  Last spring he served as the goalkeeper for Beta’s 2012 Winter Classic Hockey Team, but has since refocused his athletic training to be a part of the Little 500 team.  With an old school bike and legs like tree trunks, we suspect that Vince will be a beast on the cinders next spring.  Furthermore, we are proud to welcome back Graham Dewart, a Junior Category 1 rider who is unfortunately ineligible to ride the Little 500, but will continue to lend his wisdom and experience on the bike to helping us achieve our goal of a 2013 Little 500 Championship.  With rush week approaching, we also hope to grab a few new guys interested in riding, so that our program can continue to grow and stay competitive for many years to come.

Looking forward, we have a full plate for this fall semester.  Most notable will be the 2012 Fall Cycling Series Competition from October 25th through the 28th.  Our own Eric Anderson, President of Riders Council, will play a major role in organizing this event.  It consists of four events, one per day.  The first is an individual time trial (ITT), where riders will race against the clock on a course that winds around the IU tailgating fields.  Next is the Cyclocross event, a cross between road riding and mountain biking.  Here we pair up into teams of two, and ride a course where riders will jump hay bales and run up and down stairs, exchanging every lap for 30 minutes.  The team who completes the most laps wins.  The next event will be my personal favorite, the duathlon, a combination of running and track riding.  Participants will start by running one mile to the Little 500 track at Bill Armstrong Stadium, completing eight laps around the track on Little 500 bikes, and then transition back to running one and a half miles around the Memoriam Stadium and Assembly Hall, finishing on the Hall of Champions Concourse.  The final event will be the Street Springs competition, where riders will drag race 200 meters up North Jordan Ave. in a dead sprint for the line.  This will be carried out in heats of 6-8 riders, with winners advancing further until the final heat.  These events will be scored on a point system, and the top three male and female teams will have the privilege of choosing their Little 500 Qualification time for this coming March, a major advantage.  With a lot of talent and experience on our side, we expect to do very well in the Fall Series.

A new addition to the fall cycling schedule is a Tuesday night racing series, held on the Little 500 track at Bill Armstrong Stadium.  This will consist of velodrome-style racing competitions, split up into categories based on the number of years one has been competing in the Little 500.  These events will occur on September 25th, as well as October 9th and 23rd, and will give us a glimpse of where we stand in relation to our competition, and what we need to work on as a team going forth.  We do not have much more detail on these events yet, but be sure to keep up with the blog, as well as follow us on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter for more updates!

On a less competitive note, we will again be participating in the Hilly ‘Hundred, a two day cycling event covering just over one hundred miles, on October 20th and 21st.  This is a more relaxed ride, with food stops and other activities along the way, so feel free to come out and join us for the ride!

Despite many things to look forward to this fall, our minds remain focused on one goal, winning the 2013 Little 500.  We have more talent, experience, and drive than any other team competing, and I am one hundred percent confident that we are capable of taking home the victory.  However, we need your help too.  In order to perform our best on race day, we will need to have not only the best-trained team, but also the best-equipped team.  We cannot achieve this part without you, our supporters.  Despite having purchased enough clothing for the next few years last year, we still need funds for registration and bike fees, as well as food and housing for our winter and spring training trips.  So head on over to our “Sponsor Us!” page and make a donation knowing that your money is being spent wisely on a worthy cause.  Every dollar counts!

Thanks so much to all of our supporters, we seriously could not do all that we do without you guys.  Keep up with our blog for the latest updates and information about the team, and we hope to see you all down here on race day!

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