Matt Green

The Basics

Graduation Year: 2013
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Major: Informatics
Years Riding: 8
USA Cycling Category: 3
Athletic Background: Cycling
Twitter: @Greeeneryy
USAC License #: 242004

Little 500 Results


1st Place Team
22nd at ITTs
1st at Team Pursuit
Semifinals of Miss ‘n Out


7th Place Team
9th at ITTs
3rd at Team Pursuit
Semifinals of Miss ‘n Out


17th Place Team
51st at ITTs
5th at Team Pursuit
Quarterfinals of Miss ‘n Out


5th Place Team
28th at ITTs
8th at Team Pursuit
Semifinals of Miss ‘N Out

Other Career Highlights

1st, Cat 3, Carondelicious Criterium 2012
1st, Juniors, Clark State Forest Road Race 2007
2nd, Mens B, Depauw Road Race 2010
2nd, Juniors, Fallen Heroes Circuit Race 2007
4th, Juniors, Louisville Metro Police Department Foundation Race 2008
4th, Juniors, Norton Commons Classic 2008
6th, Cat 3, Long Run Park Circuit Race 2012
6th, Juniors, Tour d’Burg 2008
6th, Juniors, Highland Rim Cycling Classic 2008
6th, Juniors, Quad Cities Criterium 2008