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Meeting Recap

The meeting went well. As a team we discussed our current financial situation, goals, fund raising opportunities and a winter trip. We are dedicated to performing well and being strong competitors in this season of Indiana University Cycling Club and little 500 races.


Budget $4000
Clothes $1,600
Bike Room Maintenance $200
Bike Repairs $500
Little 500 Registration and Parts $1000
Winter Trip $700?


  1. Work as a team through the winter motivating each other to ride and encourage miles.
  2. Qualify top 10 for the race.
  3. Finish on the lead lap and in a top 5 position.

Fund raising opportunities are goign to be huge for our team this year. We need finaicial support to complete the activities that are going to allow us to train and perform. Financially, we currenly only have 900 budgeted for a trip. This number is goign to continue to drop due to other aspects of the budget unless we can get financial support.

One thing we are doing to gain support is keeping this blog up to date and get alumni involved. Recently, I had the chance to talk to Doug Glenn who rode for Beta when he was at IU. Doug has been a great resource not because of financial support but because he wants to come ride with us and share his insight on the race. It is always great to have more people out on these rides.

Next Friday November 6th members of the bike team will be attending the Indiana Beta Conclave. Information found here. This will be a great opportunity for us to build some support through alumni and rekindle their interest. Please come if you would be interested in talking to the cycling team and meet some IU Betas.

We are planning on taking a trip down south during the last week of our winter break. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please send them my way.

As for riding this week we had a few big team rides and also had a beta follow us and take some pictures. Check them out.


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