Mid-Rookie Week Recap
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Mid-Rookie Week Recap

Rookie Week has been a great experience so far—I feel like I’m starting pledgeship all over again except this time with a great group of rookie riders. Week 1 was stressful for me juggling track time with I-Core midterms and interviews. From the time I did spend on the track, I learned a ton from the devoted Rider’s Council leadership team. In addition to learning track basics, I enjoyed the bonding opportunity with rookie teammates Jacob Gorgol and Chris Craig.

My road cycling career started on a fixed gear bike so I adjusted well to spinning hard and fast on my single-speed 2009 Schwinn. However, the cinders are totally new to me. After a few days, I started to see my hours of training come to fruition with a solid victory in a 6 lap scratch race. Despite a strong performance this past week, I realized that this year’s field is filled with talented rookies and veterans. With that said, our team is committed to showing the world that we are more than just “contenders” on April 21st

All in all, Rookie Week has made me even more pumped for Little 500 season—especially Spring break here in Bloomington. My goal is to continue to represent Beta Cycling as a top-notch fraternity team as well as bring our brothers and riders closer together with my work on and off the bike.

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