Miss ‘n Out Recap
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Miss ‘n Out Recap

This past weekend the Beta Cycling team competed in the spring series event Miss N’ Out. It was a beautiful day out and we were ready to go up against the best riders around. Being my first Miss N’ Out event I really wasn’t sure what to expect. With Chris being the number one overall seed he was in the first heat of the day. From the start it was apparent we were all rookies. Chris pulled the entire first heat and narrowly advancing to the quarterfinals, but from there he would have no problem. Joe and AJ were up next and like Chris, performed well. AJ got unlucky and had to go wide into turn 4 and narrowly got edged at the line, while Joe was able to maintain inside position and advance into the quarterfinals. Finally my heat was up, I went out there listened to what my coaches had told me, held the inside line and like my teammates advanced onto the quarterfinals.

After advancing through the first round we all knew the competition was only going to get more talented the further we advanced. Joe and Chris were in the first quarterfinal of the day, also the most talented. The first couple of laps went according to plan, and with three riders left (two advanced to the semi’s) Joe, Chris, and a Sigma Phi Epsilon rider remained. Coming into turn four all three riders were neck and neck and it was impossible to tell who was going to be knocked out. Chris took the heat, and the Sig Ep came in second narrowly passing Joe by a couple of inches. Although Joe didn’t advance to the semi finals he still had a fantastic showing as a rookie. In my quarterfinal I was still the top seed so I just made sure to hold the inside line and when it came down to the final three riders, I made sure to put the hammer down, and a Sig Ep rider and I pulled away from the third rider and advanced our way into the Semi Finals.


Controlling the Semifinals

Going into the semi finals there were eight riders in a heat and three advance, so we knew we had to beat out five riders to advance. In Chris’s heat he did what he had done all day. He kept the pace hot and just made sure no one overcame his handlebars, and easily advanced his way into the finals. In my semifinal, it was my first time not starting on the inside line so I wasn’t too sure how to attack the heat from a strategic standpoint. Coming into turn four on the first lap, I was in terrible position. About to be eliminated I shot to the inside, a Delts rider left an opening, and I took command of the field gaining the inside line. From there I was in control of the heat and when it came down to the final lap, I made sure I wasn’t in fourth and advanced to the finals just like Chris had done.


The Start Line for the Finals

So here we were, two rookies in the finals of Miss N’ Outs, exhausted, excited, and not knowing how this was going to turn out. Chris still being the number one overall seed started on the inside, then a Delts rider, myself, a BKB, a Sig Ep, and a rider for Wright. Coming into turn four I once again found myself in terrible position, and this time couldn’t find a hole crossing the finish line last and finishing 6th for the day. Chris still holding that front line continued to hold people off, next to be eliminated was the Wright cyclist, and then the BKB cyclist. In the finals of Miss N’ Out when three riders remained, there is a non-elimination lap, followed by a one lap sprint to determine the order. So there was Chris, the number one overall seed as a rookie, against the Delt cyclist, and the same Sig Ep that knocked Joe out of the tournament. Chris came into the elimination lap hot, and held the pace that way the entire time, the Delts cyclist was just sitting on his wheel the entire lap. Coming into turn four the Delt made a move to the outside, at this point it was just Chris and the Delt remaining the Sig Ep had fallen off. Chris saw the attack pushed himself just a little harder, held the inside line, and just like ITT’s came out with the win.


The Champ’s Last Warmup before Finals

Miss N’ Out 2014 will definitely go down as a victory in the books of Beta Cycling. With a team of four rookies sending two to the finals and the others having strong performances as well the day was definitely a success. However in the grand scheme of things, it’s just another step. Yes it’s really exciting and awesome that we have performed well thus far in the spring, but if we can’t put together a strong showing on April 26th then they don’t mean too much. That is our focus and we are going to continue to listen to our coaches, getting more comfortable on the track so we can have a shot at defending the title and make sure the trophy stays with Beta Cycling another year.

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