Quals 2015
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Quals 2015

Qualifications 2015 will be forever be a day to forget and a learning experience for Beta Cycling. We started the day very similar to the year before.

5:30 am: Wake up and begin to eat breakfast. A nice dish of scrambled eggs, black berries, and yogurt made sure we were primed for our run at 8:00 am.

6:15 am: Arrive at the house to change and prepare for our warm-up. The house is already awake and getting excited for our attempt.

6:45 am: Head out on our warm-up in the freezing cold. We made sure to bundle up as the temperature was a mere 20 degrees, definitely one of the coldest experiences of any of our lives.

Chris begins his first attempt

Chris begins his first attempt

7:20 am: Arrive back at house, and change shoes. Final preparations before heading over to Bill Armstrong stadium to take a crack at this year’s qualifications.

7:40 am: We arrived at check in, and hoped on our rollers. With it being so cold the resistance was substantial. Luckily, being the first team of the day, we were allowed to warm up on the trainers that IUSF had provided.

7:59 am: We shed our clothes and Chris takes the track. After taking one step on the track we all realize something, it’s almost completely made of ice at this point. Apparently IUSF had decided to water the track the night before, with temperatures reaching 15 degrees overnight.

8:00 am: Chris begins our first attempt.

8:01 am: Chris and AJ mishandle the exchange and we are sent back to warm-up for our second attempt. We quickly recognize that this quals was going to be much different from the year before.

8:10 am: Chris begins the second attempt, shaking off the miscue he and AJ had previously had, we all decided to bring in the exchanges with extra caution in order to make the run clean. We did not want to have to qualify at the end of the day.

8:13 am: We finish our run with a time of 2:30, much slower than we would have liked but we had officially qualified for the 65th running of The Little 500.

After the disappointing run we all went our separate ways for a bit to regroup and rest before a scheduled team ride at 3:00. Not even five minutes into the ride, I forgot to signal a turn and crashed right into our coach, Eric Anderson. Being completely mentally shaken from both quals and the crash I did not feel prepared, along with I didn’t have a working bike, to join my brothers on this leisurely ride.

Happy to have qualified

Happy to be done with qualifications

Instead, I decided to go on a short run and I am so glad I did. I realized a couple of things on that run. First, we had qualified for the race and at the end of the day that’s all that mattered. While our pit won’t be as beneficial as we’d like, we’re still in the field. Second, we are still a contender in this race and our quals run does not in any way represent the strength of this team. Third, quals was a humbling experience for us. We may have been getting ahead of ourselves as a team, looking past significant events like quals and spring series. Quals brought us back to reality, that anything can happen in this race. I’m glad quals did not go as smoothly as planned because it has helped us refocus and I think we are better prepared to win this year’s Little 500.

We officially qualified for this year’s Little 500 in 17th place. Our goal is to win spring series and have the honor of wearing the white jersey come April 25th. Look for a update on ITT’s later this week. Also contact with any questions you have about the team, and we look forward to seeing you all later this month!

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