Quals Recap
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Quals Recap

It’s six o’ clock in the morning and it’s pouring rain up.  The Beta Cycling team has already eaten a healthy breakfast and heads to the house for their ride.  By 6:45 we’re out on the road with our coach following us in the car just so we can see where we are going.  We arrive back at the house at 7:15 ready to head to the track for our qualification run, but that’s when we hear the news…quals has been delayed for five hours.  Now instead of qualifying at 8:15 we were set to go at 1:15.  We decide as a team to all go back to sleep, and try to remain calm as the house is alive with excitement.


Cold, Rainy, Morning Spin

I went back to my room, threw some music on, ate some food and relaxed until 11:45.  No more rain on the forecast, and I knew we were going to have our shot to qualify for the 2014 Little 500.  We were at the track by 12:45 and noticed the rain had put the track into perfect conditions, it was going to be a fast day.  With four rookies we relied on our coach to keep us calm during the next half hour.  We could see the stands begin to fill up with the Beta faithful, and watched a couple teams falter at their first attempts, anxiety began to fill up in each one of us.

Then it was our turn, we huddled up, discussed our plan of attack once again, and went our separate ways.  Chris was up first, he came through the start/finish line at a blazing pace and set the single fastest lap of the day (would hold true for the remainder of the day).  Next up was AJ, the two had a perfect exchange and we only had two more to throw in order to qualify.  Then I took the track, seeing Sood enter turn three I knew it was my turn.  AJ coming out of turn four, I took off sprinting, it wasn’t the fastest exchange but it was clean, one left.  I grabbed the bike from AJ, accelerated, kept my head down, and threw down one of my fastest laps from a standing start.  With one exchange left, I knew it was up to Joe and I to finish this quals run off.  Coming out of four I took a deep breath, came out of the drops, braked hard, and threw a clean, fast exchange with Joe…we had qualified for the 64th running of the men’s Little 500. Joe grabbed the bike, hammered away and we finished our quals run with a time of 2:27. It would end up holding as the 8th fastest time all day, and the top time for a team with all rookies.


All smiles!

Going into qualifications we were all nervous but knew what to do when the pressure was on.  It was an incredible experience and we look forward to going faster next year.  Now we turn our attention to the rest of the spring series.  We are completely focused and know what we need to do in order to defend our title.

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