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Riding Indoors

Late January brings us the treat of crappy weather. We have been keeping true to our training plan though and riding indoors logging our time on the bikes. We are only about 12 weeks away from the race. This is beginning to change our focus.

Our workouts are becoming more specific and anaerobic. Instead of the long moderate workouts in the fall and all of the miles logged in on the winter trip, we are beginning to shorten up the length of the workouts but bring up the intensity. Now is the time to begin working on speed, power and that second wind that will put us in the front.

I recently added the donate button to the blog. Any donations through there will go straight into the Beta Cycling Team’s budget. I am going to get an accurate financial standing from the treasurer later this week and will post that as soon as I get it. We still need to fund our spring break, pay for the race registration and fix up the new little 500 bikes.


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