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Rookie Week & Budget

Rookie week concludes today. The Beta rookies have a chance to finish 1, 2, and 3 in the rookie Miss’N’Out Race that will take place at 5:00 tonight. I will post pictures and results. I believe that they are the strongest rookies on the track and will kill the competition. Our hard work and effort has put me in the position to be confident in their abilities.

Financially we have two obstacles ahead of us. Spring Break and Little 500 bikes. To cut costs on Spring break we are staying in Bloomington. This way we can make our own food, not have to pay for gas and stay at a Beta live out house.

The Little 5 bikes need to be the most competitive that they can. We are planning on building up new back wheels, installing new bottom brackets, replacing the cranks, handle bars and stems. We have someone to service the bikes and we have a source to get at cost prices for the items we need to purchase.

Totals –

Spring Break: $200
Little 500 Bikes: $800

We are running a few fundraisers to actively seek donations and have the support of the chapter in everything that we are doing.

Your support and donations are greatly appreciated and not only aid the bike team but support the Pi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi.


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