Serious Training Begins
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Serious Training Begins

Arriving at school in August, it was just nice to be back with my teammates and ride our bikes. We were aware that training was right around the corner, but at the time just enjoyed spending time on the roads of Bloomington while hanging out with our brothers. When training officially started we began something none of us had really expected. Being a team of four rookies last year we had a very simple plan. Ride six days a week and lift three days a week. As rookies this is all we needed in order to be successful without resulting in injury.

No Days Off

No Days Off

However, a year of training has gone by since then, and are now capable of handling a strict training regime. We now receive weekly workout plans from our coach, Eric Anderson 13’, and have followed them to a tee. We are training harder than ever and the results are astounding. Almost every time we head out for team rides we joke about how much more fit we are compared to our rookie selves only a year earlier. For example, last year we only did 3+ hour rides about once a month. We are now doing these lengthy rides at least once a week, and most weeks we do two.  Even when on breaks, the training doesn’t stop (as my friend at Clemson decided to document on Snapchat).

Winter is right around the corner though, which means we are heading inside. Our bike room has made huge improvements since last winter, but there is still some work to be done. Our trainers are in dire need of replacement. We can not thank our alumni support enough for the contributions made so far, but any donations are greatly appreciated.

We will be heading to PCB once again this winter for our annual trip south. Look for a recap shortly after our return to Bloomington and the start of our Spring semester!

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