Sometimes you crash…
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Sometimes you crash…

The Little 500 is one of the most exciting thrill rides I’ve ever been able to experience.  The adrenaline rush that comes from whipping hot laps around the track and riding in the pack is truly one of a kind.  Also unique are the crashes, something fans love and riders could not possibly hate more.  For the most part I’ve been able to stay on two wheels and avoid the infamous cinder scrubs, but unfortunately my good luck has come to an end.

Yesterday I had the dubious honor of being the first male rider to leave the track on a stretcher.  My final memory before the crash was signaling to my teammate across the infield that I was coming in for an exchange.  After that, it’s a few minutes of blackout, and ultimately waking up on a backboard in the infield by turn 3.  I hit my head pretty hard, so I have no recollection of what happened.    It seems like a dropped chain was the culprit, throwing me off the bike as I was accelerating for the exchange.

You may think the worst pain of any crash would be related to the impact from hitting the ground at 20+ MPH, but fortunately for me I didn’t break, fracture, or separate anything.  The doctors wrote it off as a concussion, and I thought the worst was behind me.  As any Little 5’er will tell you though, quite possibly the worst part of crashing on the track is digging the cinders out of your body.

We shave our legs to make the process as easy as possible, so the nurse was able to get my knees and face pretty numb before scrubbing them out.  However, much to my dismay, some were so deep that I would have to get them out myself later in the week.  I’ll save the graphic descriptions, but take my word for it: you do not ever want to have to take a toothbrush to an open wound in the shower.  Ever.   I have newfound respect for anyone who has ever crashed on the track, and you should too.

This whole incident highlights the importance of having high-quality, well-maintained bikes out on the track, something we can ensure much more easily with your support.  With the budget running low, buying quality replacement parts and components for our race-day bikes will be difficult given our current financial outlook.  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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