Spring Break Recap
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Spring Break Recap
While the rest of our brothers were down south where it’s sunny and warm, the Beta Cycling Team spent our spring break right here in Bloomington, Indiana, training for the fast-approaching Little 500.  Although not as warm as Florida and Mexico, we did luck out a little and were able to ride in some fine weather all week.  This made riding intensely twice a day, every day, much more manageable.  We also have to thank the senior Betas that live at 7th and Fess for putting us up in their house all week, as we were unable to stay at the fraternity house. 

Our days over break were very well structured.  On our hard days, we would ride steady on the road for two hours or so in the morning, eat/nap, then head to the track for a few hours in the evening to hammer some intervals and really push ourselves to our limits.  Easy days were fairly similar: we rode easy for an hour on the road in the morning, ate and napped, then went to the track in the evening to practice exchanges and do some easy pack riding.  One thing we strongly emphasized over the course of the week was recovery.  Whether we were eating well, sleeping, elevating our legs after rides, or taking ice baths, our focus was always on best preparing ourselves for our next ride.

With all of the seriousness of riding all week, we were still able to have some fun here and there.  We spent a few nights hanging out with the riders of Acacia, Delta Tau Delta, Delta Gamma, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and our Little 500 Week pair, Alpha Chi Omega.  Riding so much really takes its toll on the mind and body, and taking some time to just relax and hang out is necessary once in a while.

Looking ahead to the rest of the season, we are very excited to start competing and getting into race shape.  Spring break gave us a great training week, and we are confident that that training will make us that much stronger on race day.  Only a few more weeks left until the big day.  Thanks to all of our followers and supporters (Doug and Ben especially, the bikes are working great), we won’t let you down.

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