Spring Series Update
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Spring Series Update

As part of our final preparations for race day, we have been competing in the official Little 500 Spring Series events.  These competitions are an excellent means of seeing how we stack up against our competitors as the race comes closer and closer.

The first of these events was Individual Time Trials (ITTs), held last Wednesday.  ITTs are an all-out 4-lap time trial, just you against the clock.

  • Tom Laser ended up 7th after absolutely smoking his heat.  The Little 500 community has certainly taken notice of our secret weapon.
  • I took 15th after a disappointing run.  My hip’s still bothering me from a crash last Monday but I just couldn’t get in the zone.
  • Matt Green finished 51st, fighting some sort of illness to still end up in a solid position.  We know he’s a top 15 rider when healthy, so right now the focus will be on figuring out what’s wrong with him.
  • Andrew Ramos capped off the night in 59th, an extremely impressive showing for his first ever time trial.  That puts him well ahead of most rookies, and there’s no doubt that he’s going to show up big time on race day and for years to come.

Saturday was Miss ‘n Out, a bracket-style elimination event.  Riders are seeded according to their ITT results, and placed into heats based on those seeds.  In each round, you start off with 5-8 other riders, and after each lap the last rider across the line is out.  This continues until 2 or 3 riders are left, depending on how far in the tournament you are.

  • Ramos was placed in a difficult opening round heat and unfortunately was not able to advance out.  He did, however, demonstrate excellent pack riding skills and an innate knowledge of positioning that will be key on April 16th.
  • Green was knocked out in the quarterfinals after getting boxed in by 3 riders from Sigma Chi.  Still on antibiotics, the focus remains on getting him healthy.
  • I was the last one eliminated in my quarterfinal heat after I slowed down heading into the finish line thinking I was in good shape.  Unfortunately, my attempt to conserve some energy got me nipped at the line.
  • Laser was the last Beta standing, eliminated in the middle of a very competitive semifinal heat.  That being said, only two rookies total advanced to the semifinals, so we are excited to see him thriving on the cinders.

Moving forward, Team Pursuit is this Saturday.  We will be taking the track for our 15-lap team trial at 3:12 PM, EST.  After an average showing in the first two events, we are looking to hit it hard.

In other news, our alumni support over the past week has been absolutely incredible.  We have raised an astonishing $3,000+, which will allow us to have some amazing equipment for the race.  11 days…can’t wait!

in _kai_,
Eric Anderson


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