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Spring Training

It is now time to start getting out to the track everyday and log the intensity, time and effort into our routine. This past weekend we rode on both Saturday & Sunday. Saturdays ride was a fast 30 miles of good efforts by everyone on the team taking pulls and working to keep the ride intense. Sunday we had the pleasure of riding with a member of Lance Armstrong’s development team Guy East. With Guy, we rode 45 miles which included a few race efforts. Guy was great to ride with and gave us some inspiration to keep up our efforts this season. Hopefully we can host him on a few more rides before the race.

Two new members have been added to the bike team. The spring pledge class has brought two interested pledges to the team. One pledge has experience riding and the other was a track star in high school. We will be pushing these guys to perform competitively in the next few months.

We have only $300 in our bike budget and we still need to purchase parts for the little500 bikes. You can donate by clicking the button to the right. We really appreciate all of the support from our alumni and friends of Beta.


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