St. Louis Racing
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St. Louis Racing

To start off our spring break training we decided to veture to St. Louis to race in two USCF sanctioned criteriums. We were looking to test out legs and see how we fared against our competition—Indiana University was well-represented by top Little 500 riders.

Team Beta with freshly shaved Chuck Chamness ’85 (far left) and Doug Glenn ’85 (center)

Friday night we made a quick stop on the north side of Indianapolis at the St. Baldrick’s event for Brother Doug Glenn’s head and beard shaving. He raced in the 1982 race for Beta and wore his badge proudly at the charity event where he raised over $2000 for childhood leukemia research. After congratulating him and taking advantage of the photo opportunity, we headed southwest to St. Louis

Former Rider’s Council member Chelsea Merta provided us more than we could have ever asked for in a hostess. Her position as a “Friend of Beta” was solidified after her hospitality this weekend. Thanks Chelsea!

After a well-needed night of rest, we headed to the race to watch Gorgol, Laser, and Kragie represent Beta Cycling in the 4/5 field. All parties involved performed impressively, especially Kragie and Gorgol who were racing for their first time, and Laser took the win by five bike lengths. Laser went right back to work in the Men’s 4’s where he burned too many matches at the front of the pack and had to settle for a top 20 finish.

Anderson and I entered the 3’s race where we maintained position at the front of the pack and made use of chemistry developed over years of racing as team. On the last lap Anderson went to the front and pulled to make sure no moves got away. This put me in perfect position at 5th wheel at the bottom of an uphill sprint where I felt comfortable with plenty of gas left. Knowing that the race was mine to lose, I took off with a comfortable gap that was held across the finish line. It felt great to finally win a Category 3 race this early in the season. It shows that our hard work in the winter months have paid off.

In celebration, our lovely hostess, Chelsea, showed us a night on the town where we bonded as team over lots of food and local brews.

Anderson and I at the gun in the 3’s race

We woke up Sunday tired from our efforts on and off the bike, with an early 10:30 start time for the 4/5 team members. Rookies had a clue what was going on this time around, so a 9th and 15th place finish for Kragie and Gorgol respectively looked good. In the 4’s race Laser made a strong move forward and held on for a beautiful sprint victory despite a massive headwind. As the rain clouds formed, Anderson and I prepared for a wet day of racing. Halfway through our 3’s race, friend and Acacia captain, Greg Bortz, makes a bold move up the road to form a gap that eventually grew to 70+ seconds. Anderson and I were at the front of the lack disappointed to sprint for 5th.   We were unhappy with the results but pleased that the unsavory conditions didn’t claim any Beta riders.

Now the two-a-days start as we look to put the finishing touches on our Build period.

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