Thanksgiving Break Training
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Thanksgiving Break Training
Even with the holiday break, the training continues

Ninja Status

As I slipped my shoe covers over my feet—the final layer in my arsenal of a cap, neck guard, jacket, base layer, gloves, and thermal bib—my dad shook his head.

“You’re crazy,” he said.

If I were him, I would think so, too.

My dad is the only person to have seen my cycling career from inception to its current point. Though he was never a cyclist, he respected my interest in the sport and supported me in purchasing my first bike. He saw me filled with pride when I completed my first 13-mile rides, and he saw me humbled when I learned that meant nothing. He encouraged me along my 20-mile rides throughout the summer, and he was the first to hear about the team’s 90-mile ride this fall.

Now that I’m home on Thanksgiving Break, he’s watching my training schedule continue. Yesterday, I piled on the winter gear and completed my first ride through snow. The day before, I abused the Netflix account of Nick Laszlo (Kyle Knight’s roommate) as I sat on the trainer for a few hours.

I’m not alone.

Somewhere in Clemson, South Carolina, Knight is exploring new routes in much better weather. Chris Craig is preparing his steaks on the trainer in Michigan. AJ Sood, the luckiest of us all to be in Florida, is living in the gym.



While we don’t have the opportunity to be together, we’re still committing everything we have to this team. We know that our efforts this spring will mean nothing without long hours and frequent trips to the gym this fall.

Even before this week, we held each other accountable for lifting three times per week and riding every day. Due to the constrained daylight, all of us have logged plenty of time in the training room—which, by the way, is in dire need of renovation. The growing intensity of our training has also required increased recovery, which, for me, has resulted in frequent surprise naps in Knight’s room.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, however, and it arrives much sooner than April 26th: the winter break trip. In a matter of weeks, the team will travel with Coach Eric Anderson and alumnus Tom Laser to Panama City Beach, Florida to cap off our base training. We were fortunate enough to book the same place the team stayed at last year, which seems to be the ideal spot to fit us all.

Training Room Selfie

During our week in PCB, we plan to spend as much time on the bike as some teams spend in a month. We’re excited for some extended saddle time in nicer weather, but most importantly, we’re eager to train together every day. We all love the feeling of pushing each other to our limits, a luxury we will get plenty used to throughout the week.

But, before this is possible, we need your help.  In order to finance these training camps and keep pace with our competition when it comes to equipment, we depend on alumni support.  Any amount helps!

Considering all that we will enjoy at PCB and all that we’ve experienced so far in our base training, we’re happy to be in the position that we are. This sport continues to teach us the values of brotherhood, commitment, and teamwork. By pushing our bodies to their physical extremes on a daily basis, we’ve also learned a lot about ourselves.

We’re not crazy. We’re lucky.

-Joe Laughlin

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