The Final Push
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The Final Push

We are now less than 50 days away from the 65th running of the Little 500. It’s unbelievable my Little 500 cycling career is coming to a close in such a short amount of time. Reflecting on the past — I realize how far both myself and teammates have come. A year ago, we were rookies with little inclination to be in contention to win in 2014. It took until spring series to realize our true potential. Now, with a close finish last year, we are a team with high expectations to take the checkered flag in 2015. 

Taking on the cold

Taking on the cold

Over the past few weeks the weather has made our training difficult. Yet, in no way has the weather stopped us from training hard. We rode a multitude of times in bitter cold under 25° F and the rollers got hours of attention when roads were snow covered. Although the weather created moments of much needed motivation, I continue to see a team with clarity towards one goal: To win the 65th running of the Little 500. 

I am so fortunate to be on a team with such driven and fully invested individuals. Each long day of training generates more excitement towards the spring. For example — while eating breakfast this past week at Scholars Inn Bakehouse, between laughs about Joe being the only team member single; we discussed our excitement rather than worries about qualifications in just three short weeks. Despite the weather keeping us from running a single exchange together this year, we are confident in our ability to execute our run to perfection. Our confidence doesn’t stem from a mentality of cockiness, but rather from the many hours of hard work. I’m confident each member will be ready to compete when it counts. 

Continuing the selfies

Continuing the selfies

Whether our high expectations range from qualifications, spring series, or the race; we understand our alumni network plays an integral role in the opportunity to be champions for Beta Theta Pi. The program is and will forever be supported by our alumni. Simply reading our blog posts, following us on Facebook / Twitter is hugely beneficial. With that being said — keep the support coming! Reach out anytime for information regarding the spring events posted below or just to chat. My email is

Louisville, Long Run Criterium: March 14th

Tour of St. Louis: March 20th – 22nd

Quals: March 28th

ITT’s: April 1st

Miss N’ Out: April 11th

Team Pursuit: April 12th

Race Day: April 25th

In _kai_,

Chris Craig


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