Beta Cycling Goes to Orlando
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Beta Cycling Goes to Orlando

Over winter break, the Beta Cycling Team had the opportunity to drive down to Orlando, Florida, to get in some quality training away from the cold and snow of Bloomington. Over the course of the week, we logged nearly 300 miles over 5 days as well as spent some quality time as a team learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Here is a description of each day of the week…

Sunday, January 2nd: After about 16 hours of driving, we finally arrived at our hotel in Orlando. The long drive left all of us exhausted, so the first thing we did upon arriving was each lay down and take a long nap. Around 8pm when we all woke up, it was time for power testing. A power test involves each of us riding on a trainer, on a bike with a powertap meter, as hard as possible for 20 minutes. Everyone’s numbers showed improvement from the last time that we did testing, so we are all on track for a successful racing season.

Monday, January 3rd: Saturday we did what is called a “Metric Century,” or a 62 mile ride. The weather was incredible as was the scenery we rode though. At one point, we rode between some of the parks of Disney World, seeing some of the roller coasters and water slides from a distance. This was a good steady ride that definitely got us all ready for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, January 4th: After a long and steady ride the day before, Tuesday we decided to do some faster intervals. The intervals consisted of 5×6 minutes hard, with about 2-3 minutes of rest in between. We were flying and things were going great, until the 5th interval when we experienced a pretty bad crash. I was riding right behind Eric when I lost focus and ended up getting a little too close rubbing up against the side of his wheel and going down at around 30mph. Unfortunately I brought Matt and Graham down as well, who were riding right behind me. But on the bright side, all we came away with were some minor scrapes and bruises. Given the crash, we decided to just ride back to the hotel and rest for the rest of the day. Me being a relatively new rider, the crash was kind of an awakening for me. Despite being in very good shape for riding, I still have a lot of experience to gain as far as racing and riding in packs goes.

Wednesday, January 5th: Still a little sore from the crash, today we took the ride slow and just aimed for distance. Over the course of a solid 80 mile ride, we enjoyed the great weather, joked around, and enjoyed riding through some of Florida’s many orange groves. 80 miles was the longest I had ever ridden in a single day, and was close to the longest for everyone else, providing us with a great deal of endurance that will pay off farther down the line.

Thursday, January 6th: Today we decided to try out some longer intervals, consisting of 4×10 minutes hard, with 2-3 minutes of rest in between. These felt great, we averaged somewhere in the high 20 mph range the entire time. It is a good feeling to see how well your training has worked and knowing that you have a lot of potential yet to fulfill. After the ride, we spent the rest of the day by the pool, inside watching TV, and just relaxing in general.

Friday, January 7th: A steady 60 mile ride was on the schedule today. After doing hard intervals yesterday, today’s ride was steady and relaxing. The weather was once again great and we were all excited to ride slow and just chill again. Later that night, we all sat down and watched an old Little 500 race from a couple of years ago, as well as our qualifications run from last spring. Just seeing the craziness of the race and how well we did at qualifications last year got us all really pumped up for the spring series to begin.

Saturday, January 8th: Today was our last day here in sunny Orlando, and it was unanimous that we were going to miss this place a little. Rather than go out and tire our legs before another 16 hour drive, we decided to just take some pictures for the website, which is apparently a lot more complicated that you would think haha. But nevertheless, we got some good shots and still had some time to sit in the sun by the pool for a few hours before packing our bags to head back to Bloomington.
It was overall a very productive week. We got in a ton of quality riding and had a lot more fun than you would think on a cycling trip. With only a few more months left until Little 500, we as a team are very confident that we have the talent and experience to win Beta its first official Little 500 title. Thanks to all of our followers and supporters, we won’t let you down!

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