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Weekend Recap

Friday was a great day to do a whole lot of nothing.  After the long hard week, we deserved a day off.  We ate a ton of food, caught some ray’s and packed up our stuff to move back into the beta house.  Saturday we had one guy race, we were supposed to go as a team but decided that the one day trip to Miami University was going to be too expensive and too long.  The guy that did race though, Eric Anderson one of our rookies took the win in the category 4/5 road race.  He won a sweet new helmet and added the first official win to his record books.  It always feels good to win.

Today I raced in the category 4/5 road race in Brown County State Park.  The picture above is me in the IU kit followed by a good friend Greg Bortz who rides for AKAK while we try to survive up the last climb. The course is one big hill up and then back down.  The climb is 1.5 miles which made this the most difficult race I have ever competed in.  We started with a field of about 60 and I finished in the lead group of 9 in 8th place.  Although I did not win, it was a great experience and a really tough road race.

The rest of the team spent their Sunday on a long hard 40 mile ride mixing in some intervals and hard efforts.  As a whole, we are all feeling really fast and are looking forward to the spring series events.

Next weekend is Qualifications for the race.  We have narrowed down our qualification team and are going to be working on smooth, fast exchanges all week.


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