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Winter Trip

Hilton Head South Carolina is where we will spend a week in the winter.  We are going to put together a training program for the week but I am assuming that it is just going to be long rides every day.  It will absolutely be great to get away from the cold weather for a week and get some longer rides in. 

We are staying in a time share provided by one of the riders parents. If you have any resources to aid for our trip, we would be more than appreciative. We would need cash for food, gas, etc…

Recently in Bloomington we have had some great weather allowing for longer rides.  The great conditions have really been key to motivating everyone to get out and log the miles. 

I am going to put together an alumni ride for the spring. I am going to encourage all interested alumni to attend as it will be a good opportunity to meet the bike team and enjoy Bloomington for a night.

If you would like to donate $100.00 or more, we will put one of these plaques in the mail for you. I have only 26 left!


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