Words from the New Guy
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Words from the New Guy
Meet the newest member of the squad

After being exposed to bike racing just last summer with Joe Laughlin, I had an idea this crazy sport might be something I fall in love with but didn’t think my life would soon revolve around riding bikes. Shortly after seeing my first race, I began riding. Like a typical beginning rider, there I was getting home from work and immediately hopping on my terribly misfit bike to ride a seemingly impressive 20 miles. I had no idea of the transition I would take over the next year.

Selfies with Joe

Selfies with Joe

Adjusting to college life and trying to find my place took a full semester. My decision to pledge Beta in the spring was one that took a long period of thought and conversation; however, this was the best decision I made all year. Navigating pledgeship can be grueling but has proven to be rewarding. I expressed interest in cycling but quickly learned it takes much more than just expressed interest to enter into this family.

Riding during rookie week I learned about all the ins-and-outs of the Little 500 race. I completed the necessary track hours and was eligible to begin riding during open track times. I would squeeze in hours at the track as much as possible but I quickly learned how far off my legs were from our team. Joe, Kyle, Aj, and Chris trained their asses off all year and each had a pair of steaks to show for it. Seeing these guys race this past spring and having the opportunity to be very involved with the team, left me determined to be apart of such an impressive family of riders. The support they received and their dedication to the sport shed a new light on cycling to me.

After the race, I began going on rides with the team and each rider enjoyed exerting their post Lil 5 cycling dominance. I had some ground to make-up and if I wanted to begin making contributions to the team had to get to work. Summer began and the next phase of my training began to take shape. Within no time, I had shaved legs and began to embrace the lifestyle.



There are a number of weekends, rides, and races from this summer with the team that I could write novels about but want to keep this introduction to the point. I am thankful to have been welcomed into such a group of elite riders. Each one has pushed and encouraged me along the way. I had the opportunity to train throughout summer with Joe in Fort Wayne. Kyle stopped by for a 3-day stay in Fort Wayne. Chris made an early stop to go for a ride and drop off some cycling heirlooms. Aj was there for my first race to calm me down and keep my mind focused. I am enthralled to enter the next phase and be back down in Bloomington with this incredible group of guys.

I have caught up quite a bit and made some big gains over this summer; But, I know both the team and I have unfinished business awaiting us once we are back down at school. Each of us is chomping at the bit to begin riding together again and begin the journey we hope to succeed at this next spring. We know we have a strong team but are nothing without the leadership, training, and dedication necessary to support a winning team. That is after all the goal for a team of this caliber.

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John Hyndman

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  1. TammyHyndman says:

    I’m so proud of you John. My best wishes and prayers for you and the
    Team as you train this year. I’m excited to come see and cheer you and the team on!

    Mom 😉

  2. John,
    We are not shocked at your determination and talent cycling. We love watching you ride and seeing all the things you are accomplishing. You go John, You go our dear grandson. We love you so much and are very happy and proud of you and all that you do! God Bless You John! xoxoxo
    Also, thank you Emma for posting this info on John. You are an amazing young woman, beautiful, talented, thoughtful and loving! we love you so much and so proud of you also! God Bless you dear Emma! xoxoxo

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